Calming Lavender & Purifying Wild Orange bath salts
Calming Lavender & Purifying Wild Orange bath salts

Calming Lavender & Purifying Wild Orange bath salts

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Containing Pink Himalayan and dead sea salts, this botanical blend of essential oils & herbs bring a purifying and calming energy.

Softly scented with calming lavender, cleansing Wild Orange and filled with organic herbs, this blend enhances dreams, promotes peace and aids in meditation while removing negative energy.  

Soaking in the Pink Himalayan salts is said to recharge your energy field, while nourishing your skin and detoxify all at once.

A powerful reliever of muscle cramps Himalayan salt contains calcium and other trace mineral elements and is one of the purest substances that comes from earth.

Offering many healing and protective properties Himalayan Salts can clear skin conditionals and restore skin balance

Salt itself often used to remove or keep away any negative energy within or around your aura or home and it is said that laying down salt at the entrances of your home will keep out the bad vibes or negative baggage from guests who enter. 

Our alchemy Bath Salts come in a glass jar with gold metal screw-on lid  & decorative ribbon. The all natural herbal & essential oil scented salt blend is ready to use in any hot bath, Just add a loving handful of salt into each bath & soak for 20 minuets. As the bath salts dissolve & leave you feeling cleansed, recharged and Magical.


Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Organic Herbs, Fennel, Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Wild Orange Oil, Dried Rose Flowers, fractioned coconut oil.